ZombieHeLL #1 | Classic

Learn How To Play!

New to the server? Check out the game details to learn how to play.

Server Rules

  1. Respect all players
  2. No racism, sexism, bulling or bashing
  3. No hacking, cheating, scripting or exploits
  4. No porn or nudity sprays
  5. No mic, chat, or radio spamming
  6. Do not wear our name tags if you are not a clan member
  7. Do not recruit or advertise for other groups, clans, communities or servers
  8. Do not impersonate members or admins
  9. Do not argue with admins

Game Rules

  1. Do not camp where zombie can't reach
  2. Do not camp where zombie have a hard time reaching you
  3. Do not glitch zombies
  4. Do not barricade with map based props
  5. Do not make everyone wait! If you're the last player alive kill yourself after 1 minute