Coop #1 | Duskgamers

Server Rules

  1. Respect all players
  2. Do not intentionally make things harder
  3. Do not set off panic events till the team is ready
  4. Do not horde supplies
  5. Do not intentionally waste supplies
  6. Do not abuse the voting system
  7. Do not heal a player with their own kit at round start, they will themselves
  8. Do not heal a player if they have a kit, they are probably waiting for a reason
  9. No rushing, stay with your team and work together
  10. No intentional team damage
  11. No mic, chat, or radio / vocalizer spamming
  12. No racism, sexism, bulling or bashing
  13. No hacking, cheating, scripting or exploits
  14. No porn or nudity sprays
  15. Do not wear our name tags if you are not a clan member
  16. Do not recruit or advertise for other groups, clans, communities or servers
  17. Do not impersonate members or admins
  18. Do not argue with admins